Independent Engineering on the highest level

With the help of the latest 3D-software, our longtime experience and our qualified partners, we realize your project from data entry to evaluation, detailed depiction up to execution. We can take into account your special needs, react flexibly to your change requests and find the correct tecnical solutions for special tasks.

3D-planning in grain milling 

Since three dimensional planning is becoming more and more  essential, our planning  is also being constructed in 3D. As a result, the customer receives a detailed, demonstrative visualization of his plant during the entire planning phase. This facilitates the collaboration with the customer inmensely.

However, the visualization of the plant is not the only advantage of threedimensional planning.  Possible collisions can be detected earlier, the exact demand for pipes can be registered and the collaboration with other professional planners is being simplified. When compared to traditional 2D-planning, sections and other drawings are being automatically updated. This brings not only significant time savings, but also minimizes the potential for mistakes.

3D-visualisation of a plansifter-floor


Manufacturer-independent planning

We are happy to offer a manufacturer-indipendent planning of your plant. In this case, we take over the planning of the plant while the customer can directly purchase the machinery from the manufacturer. Additionally, we can prepare all documents, that are required for Installation automation, like for example resources lists or functional descriptions.

3D-visualisation of a pipe-floor


Concept creation

From the idea to the first concept. We are happy to advise you in your intention and  create a concept how the project could be realized.

First concept of a grain silo plant


3D Installation documents

Every 3D drawing can be converted into 2D plans for installation. Additionally, 3D models can be viewed at from mobile phones  or tablets. This way, you can virtually navigate through the plant.

3D-visualisation: screenshot from an Iphone