Diverting Valve VPT

Olocco recently introduced its latest, refined and improved diverting valve type VPT.

The new two way diverting valve type „VPT“ with double pipe is suitable for pneumatic conveying lines with low, medium or high pressure. It can be used to convey powders or grains even if abrasive and it’s manufactured in the aluminium built version (also nickel plated) or with parts in contact with the product in stainless steel AISI304/316 or hardened steel. It’s possible to choose between two different versions, one with static seals for low/ average pressure the other with pneumatic seals for high pressure systems both with pneumatic working. Conformity CE ATEX 94/9/EC (1D inside – 2GD / 3GD outside) available on request.



Main improvements:

  • Double pipe: more resistance against wear thus increasing life-cycle of the
  • Higher speed to change position due to the low rotating angle (35°)


  • Capsulated high thickness pipe: in stainless or hardened steel for food compatibility or more resistance against
  • Seals: new seals (food approved) with pins for more precision and tightness
  • Replaceable shaft ends: no longer necessary to replace the entire drum in case of damage or breakage of the shaft end
  • Double protruding shaft: possibility to reverse the actuator position in a very short time


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