Succesfull start-up of two bran-loading-devices

In september 2019, the new bran-loading of Dagan Flour Mill Israel has succesfully been put into operation.

The two existing bran-silos had no discharge devices. They were only equipped with a pneumatic slide gate (Image 03). Because of persistant trouble with the loading of the bran, the customer decided to install a multiple-screw-conveyor.

Image 01: Both multiple-screw-conveyors

Because of the previous situation, the only possibility was to cut the existing hoppers, and flange the new devices on the old hopper. This wasn't a big problem, so the silos were ready to be filled with bran. A specific characteristic was the centric distraction, which means, 6 screw-conveyors with each one right-hand thread as well as a left-hand thread.

The screws could reach up to 50t/h loading capacity.

Because of the high satisfaction of the customer, two more bran silos will be modified in 2020.


Image 02: after the modification


Image 03: before the modification