Signing of the contract for one pasta-line and one oat-flakes-line


Signing of the contract in Latvia.

After a long tender phase, Mühlenbautechnik Bruckmann got the assignment for the delivery of a new, innovative pasta line, as well as an oat-flakes production line. Because of the collaboration for many years, as well as mutual trust, the assignment was given to Mühlenbautechnik Bruckmann GmbH.

The assignment includes a complete pasta production line, from the raw material to the finished pasta. Beside the pasta-line, it includes also a production-line for bio oat-flakes. Mühlenbautechnik Bruckmann acts as a general contractor for both lines.

CEO Paul Bruckmann und Kristaps Amsils



The Latvian company is one of the leading grain processors in the baltics, as well as the largest pasta producer in northern europe.

In addition to the production of oat-flakes and pasta, the company is also active in other business areas. For expample the production of flour, cereales flakes, groats and much more.

Cereal flakes from AS Dobeles Dzirnavnieks


Long standing collaboration

Numerous succesful projects had already been carried out with Dobeles. For example, a complete 400t/d wheat system has been installed in 2010, a complete cereal-flakes-line in 2015.

Weizenmühle 2010

400t/24h wheat system (2010)