Opening of the animal vaccine center Boehringer Ingelheim

Blood Red juice from test tubes, marzipan pig as a dessert: The Boehringer Group celebrated on Thursday, 09/27/2012 the opening of the new animal vaccine center - sometimes a bit bizarre. The now completed project caused many altercations in Hannover.

For the pharmaceutical company Boehringer, it was a hard way to the opening of the new animal vaccine center in Hannover. Animal rights acitivists blocked the building ground for several weeks, local residents started proceedings against Boehringer in fear of dangerous germs and viruses. Their worries could end up largely scattered and Boehringer could take the first laboratories in operation.

As a supplier of the complete feeding system, the Mühlenbautechnik Bruckmann GmbH had a significant part in the success of this project. The delivery lasted over 12 GRP- storage silos with a total storage capacity of 156m³, a storage tank for Heucops, the weighing of the animal feed as well as the entire pneumatic transport of feed batches to the individual kennels.

In addition to the delivery of all components and equipment, was the complete planning, the montage as well as the electric command and control system in our hands. In collaboration with our partner we developed a customized and unique system for automatic feeding of animals (pigs and cattle), which meets the latest requirements in terms of safety and explosion protection equipment.