Chain Conveyor KZKI

Scope of use

It is used mainly to convey all types of bulk material in the food industry.

Application fields

  • At food Industries
  • Flour, semolina and feed mills
  • Shelled peanuts factories
  •  Sugar and salt plants
  •  Cocoa factories
  • Soybean and rice plants
  • Raw material, grain, cereal storage silos and stores
  • Other similar food processing plants

Features & Advantage

  •  Provide dust -free and hygienic working conditions
  • Protective precautions are taken against dust explosions
  •  High capacity, less area occupied
  • Enclosed construction, dust – tight and air - proof design
  •  Reliable (dependable)
  •  Long life and durability
  •  Adjustable capacity by using ZT series of chain installation